Mission Partners

Compassionate Hope Foundation

Isaac Henson


Compassionate Hope is a Christ-centered, global charitable organization focused on providing hope and a future to victims and potential victims of human trafficking and religious persecution in Southeast Asia. 


Our 50 Homes of Hope in Southeast Asia have welcomed 850+ children into a loving, family environment where their physical, spiritual, emotional, educational, and vocational needs are met. Our commitment to our children extends to education and training through university, Bible college, or vocational school, helping end the cycle of poverty that leads to human trafficking. 


Compassionate Hope has partnered with a team from Christ Church to focus on providing prayer, love, and support for the Patricia B Hammonds Homes of Hope in Thailand. We have periodic meetings to strategize on how God allows us to be on mission, even in your backyard.  We have a variety of opportunities to connect personally with the home leaders, love them, pray for them and be on mission with those serving overseas. 


If you would like to discover YOUR place in this mission, we would love to connect with you. You can contact ambassadors Jamie and Amy Aughtman to JOIN OUR TEAM!!

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International Leadership Institute

Jimmy and Ann Aycock


The International Leadership Institute is a global movement of men and women who are passionate to change history by training and mobilizing leaders of leaders to reach people with the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Each year, more than 600 leadership conferences equip men and women around the world with the Eight Core Values of the most effective Christian leaders who are fulfilling the Great Commission to “go and make disciples of all nations.”

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Living the Faith

Pastor Jane and Becky Weeks


Living the Faith is led by Christ Church’s own minister of spiritual renewal Pastor Jane Wairegi. Living the Faith’s mission is to reach the people in the innermost parts of Africa by meeting their spiritual, physical, and emotional needs by living out the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Living the Faith ministers in Kenya in the areas of church planting, community transformation, wise water wells, and a community center.

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